Wurlitzer EP203W Electric Piano for Gigasampler & Gigastudio

V1.1 16-MAY-1999

Download size: 3Mbytes
Uncompressed size: 8.7Mbytes  (note: lossless compression has been employed)

Author: Greg Sullivan, greg.sullivan@sullivang.net

  1. Download wurlitzer_ep200.rar

  2. Unpack wurlitzer_ep200.rar using an archive program which can process the RAR format, such as Stuffit Expander. This will create wurlitzer_ep200.gig


  • This Giga-instrument was created by sampling my own Wurlitzer EP203W (a member of the EP200 series) electric piano. Most samples have been recorded at 4 different velocities (pp, mp, f, and ff).

  • Due to the fact that MIDI keyboards have different key pressure vs velocity curves, you will probably need to experiment to obtain the best velocity switch points. I.e, the default values merely represent my own personal preference for the keyboard I was using at the time. (a Roland RD300s digital piano)

  • On a real Wurlitzer, the lowest note is A1. (note number 33). I decided to enable notes below this because it sounds acceptable to me. To be more authentic, however, you may disable notes below A1. Another idea would be to use some Rhodes 88 samples for the lower notes, if you feel that that the lowest samples are being transposed down too far for your liking. .

Ideas for improvement

  • Improve the tuning

  • Include some pedal-down "ambience" - the Wurlitzer does have a lot of this, believe it or not. (reeds are shocked into vibration through the harp)

  • Clean up the audible loop artifacts

Alternative sample player compatibility:

Revision History

V1.1, 16-May-99: Removed 8ms of silence from the attack of sample Db4FF. This silence was causing a small amount of appregiation when playing chords.
V1.0, 6-Feb-1999 Initial release