Hohner Pianet T electric piano Instrument for Gigasampler/Gigastudio

V1.3 24-Sep-04

Download size: 10.5Mbytes
Uncompressed size: 37.3Mbytes  (note: lossless compression has been employed)

Author: Greg Sullivan, greg.sullivan@sullivang.net

  1. Download pianet_t.rar

  2. Unpack pianet_t.rar using an archive program which can process the RAR format, such as Stuffit Expander. This will create pianet_t.gig.


  • This instrument was created by sampling my own Hohner Pianet T electric piano, serial number 885041. (or 865041 - can't be sure) The samples have been recorded at 2 different velocities, nominally P and FF. Release samples have also been included - these were taken at a single velocity.

  • Some folks will be seeking the brighter sound of the Pianet N (and derivatives). The Pianet T has a very different tone to the N - it is more mellow, similar to a Rhodes played softly.  On the other hand, the N sounds something like a Wurlitzer.  Despite the fact that both types are called "Pianets", they have a very different sound.

  • All samples were taken at the jack, through a solid state preamplifier with a high impedance input.

  • This instrument lacks the dynamics of some other electric pianos, such as the Rhodes and Wurlitzer - the timbre and sound level do not change much with velocity.  Hence, the decision to sample at only two velocity levels.

  • I recommend that the velocity switch point be set to suit your playing technique and keyboard.

  • The samples which have the suffix "plucked" were taken by manually plucking the reeds with a plastic toothpick. The reason for this is that there was insufficient adhesion between the rubber pads and the reeds. ;^)  I feel that the change in the tone is extremely minute, and for me, quite negligible.

  • The normal range of this instrument is F1 (note number 29) to E6 (note number 88). I have extended the range down to A0 (the lowest note on a standard 88 note piano). I have not extended the upper range at all.

  • The real instrument does not have a sustain pedal, but I have enabled sustain.

Alternative sampler compatibility

Kontakt (full version – runs in demo mode in player version. Tested in V3.X only)

Revision History

V1.3, 24-Sep-04

There was still some clicking artifacts in the release samples - this revision hopefully removes all the last traces of clicking.(!)

V1.2, 20-Sep-04

Release times for the sustained samples was set very low (1ms). This was causing clicks in Kontakt. Gigastudio limits this to about 7ms internally, so it wasn't a problem in Gigastudio.

V1.1, 19-Sep-04

Removed clicks from release samples

V1.0, 18-Sep-04

Initial release