Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand Instrument for Gigasampler/Gigastudio

V1.3 29-Sep-2004

Download size: 16Mbytes
Uncompressed size: 44.2Mbytes  (note: lossless compression has been employed)

Author: Greg Sullivan, greg.sullivan@sullivang.net

  1. Download cp80.rar

  2. Unpack cp80.rar using an archive program which can process RAR files, such as Stuffit Expander. This will create cp80.gig.


  • This instrument was created by sampling a Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand Piano, which I rented over Christmas '98. The samples have been recorded at 4 different velocities (pp, mp, f, and ff).

  • Tremelo has been set at 7Hz, with the depth controlled by the Modulation Depth control. Note: At the time of writing, there does not seem to be any way to control the frequency of the tremelo with MIDI. Further, the tremelo is not actually 100% authentic, because it synchronises to the first note played. (on a real CP80, and most if not all electric pianos which have tremelo, the oscillator is totally free running, and does not synchronise to the key presses at all). This appears to be a small limitation of Gigastudio.

  • strongly recommend that the velocity switch points be set to suit your playing techinque and keyboard.  Also, there is no reason why the velocity switchpoints need be identical for all the notes - feel free to experiment.

  • Release times may be too fast for some.  Adjust to taste. (I like fast release times in conjunction with a little reverb).

  • The tone controls were all set to neutral.

Alternative sampler compatibility

None that I am aware of. I urge caution regarding the amplitude envelopes - a common problem is that translators don't seem to retain Gigastudio's hold-until-loop envelope property, leading to the notes decaying too rapidly in other players.

Revision History

V1.3 29-Sep-04

  • Fixed strange artifact when notes mapped to sample 042-F#2-MP were held for a long time.

  • Performed an audit of all samples, to ensure that there is no trailing sample data after the loop end point. (this can cause artifacts, due to what seems like a quirk in Gigastudio)

V1.2 1-Apr-01

Converted to Gigastudio format. Enabled tremelo. Tweaked velocity switchpoints to suit my new keyboard.

V1.1 18-Mar-99

A few notes which had infinite sustain were corrected in this release.

V1.0, 6-Feb-99

Initial release